Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator

Thrusting Like No Other Vibrator or Lover!

There is no other sex toy like this around. Thanks to a low frequency motor and unique design, the Stronic Pulsator actually thrusts in a back and forth motion!

As a matter of fact, the Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator thrusts so much, so well, in such a controlled fashion, that it shouldn't be called a vibrator at all. It's more of a strong, handsome rechargeable love machine.

Hold it in your hand even at its lowest setting the thrusting Stronic Pulsator appears to be connected to an invisible, tireless lover, who's only wish is to make you come like never before...again...and again.

The Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator's 9" long silicone body feels silky and heavenly, holding to lube longer for even easier insertion and all the thrusting you want. Up to 4.5" can go in to take care of business in virtual silence (except for your moans, increased breathing and amped up cardio, of course).

A tapered shape thrusts and explores your ladyscape, while the hill shaped bump is designed to bump into your clit and not leave until you've had an out-of-body orgasm. Take it in the tub for the ultimate "me time" experience!

Your Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator is ready to keep you satisfied, whether you're the kind of girl who loves clitoral stimulation, deep and serious thrusting or both!

• Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator
• 10 different naturalist rhythmic thrusts and pulsating vibrations
• Hill shaped bump on shaft loves your clitoris
• Waterproof
• 9 inches long, insertable to 4.5 inches
• 1.5 inches wide at tip, tapers to 2 inches at base
• Medical grade silicone
• Virtually silent motor
• Rechargeable
• Comes with charger that magnetically clips on
• Key lock for carefree transport
• Made in Germany

You'll never need batteries to keep your Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator full of energy to please you. It's rechargeable, like a high end laptop with a magnetic clip that's fuss-free.

Because it's waterproof, clean up is easy. Just wash with warm soapy water in the sink or tub, rinse and pat dry.

We recommend the Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator to women and couples who are ready to spend a little more for thrusting, pulsating vibrator that's practically like having another lover in the room. People are so complicated –– your Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator is not.



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