Double Penetrator Ultimate Cockring Featured

Give her double the fun!

Vibrating Double-Penetration with just for the two of you!

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring is an awesome way to enjoy three-way DP fun with just for the two of you! Slide this vibrating ring on and insert the 5.25" long, 1.25 wide pose-able vibrating shaft into her curious backside! Or slide your penis up her butt and feed the shaft into her vagina. The vibrating ring will keep you harder for longer and it's waterproof. You get two bullet vibrators with free batteries. Remember to use water-based lube!

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring's built-in vertebrae hold the shape you want, from a slight curve to an exaggerated crook, it will keep its form till you both cum. Remember to use plenty of water based sex lube for any anal sex toy.

The penis ring will keep you harder for longer. Try the Double Penetrator Ultimate Ring first without using the bullet vibrators. Then introduce them one at a time as part of foreplay. It's like several sex toys in one.

The upper bullet vibrator will stimulate her clit with amazing accuracy, while turning your erection into a vibrating love wand.

The lower bullet vibrator runs against the base of the penetrator as a vibrating anal stimulator. It will also buzz your balls and that's a good thing!

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring is waterproof, simply wash it with warm water and a mild soap. Rinse well, pat dry. Do not store this item until you're sure it's totally dry.

Each of the 2 bullet vibrators is waterproof also. Clean those the same way.

Your first set of batteries is included with your Double Penetrator Ultimate Ring. Unscrew the base of each one to change them and stack them inside, flat side up.

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring is a great couples toy. If you've ever seen double penetration in an adult movie and wanted to try it without a third partner, this is the sex toy for you.




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