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"My Tight Vagina Will Drain You Dry!" – Ashlynn Brooke

• Molded from Ashlynn Brooke!
• Each detail breathtakingly real!
• Open-ended for easy care and maintenance!
• UR3® - The Ultimate Skin™!

"Ooooooo...I feel so fleshy and good––sink your manly hard-on into my 6-inch deep love box! Everyone say's I'm tight, so a little water-based lube would be heavenly! My lips feel so real - I even hold them open for you! See how pink and engorged my clit is? That's how excited I was during the exclusive molding process! Enter me any time you want for a satisfying balls-draining load!"

Ashlynn Brooke's ribbed interior provides extra stimulation while you thrust away. And the textured outside of this high-end quality male masturbator will give you firm grip no matter how slippery your hands get!

 Ashlynn Brooke's open-ended design makes cleaning easy. For added fun, Adam and Eve recommends covering the end with your free hand to create a blowjob like suction or slipping an egg vibrator inside for additional stimulation.

 Ashlynn Brooke's Stroker is made from UR3® to give it a more realistic look and feel. UR3® is soft, highly flexible and warms up with contact to mimic the properties of real skin.

 Ashlynn Brooke's Stroker is compatible with water and silicone-based sex lubes. After using this male sex toy, flush it clean with warm and soapy water. Rinse the male masturbator off and let it air dry. Once the adult sex toy is completely dry, light dust the masturbator with cornstarch to preserve the unique feel of UR3®. Store your male masturbator in a plastic bag with a small amount of cornstarch in a cool, dark place with your other adult sex toys.

We recommend this Ashlynn Brooke's Stroker for men to use during masturbation.




Big Titties wobble with every gratifying stroke!

Includes DVD + Lube!

Grab some big tit fantasies! Slide your erection into Bree's realistic entry and watch her big juggs jiggle with each stroke! Unique two pattern stimulation tickler paths inside the 5 1/4" deep sleeve drive your erection wild with horizontal ridges and vertical nubs! And the closed end creates balls-draining suction! Enjoy Bree's 4-hour DVD and bring those big tit moments to hearty climax! Your Bree's Big Tit Stroker Kit includes lube so you can get started immediately!

• Bree's Big Tit Stroker Kit
• Detailed, perfectly sculpted big jiggly breasts
• Realistic vagina entry
• Contoured for better grip
• Beaded inner channel with two pattern stimulation tickler paths, horizontal ridges vertical nubs
• Flesh-feel TPR
• Includes free 4-Hour DVD of Bree's hottest scenes
• Free lube included
• Washes easily with Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner and warm water

Each sculpted detail is a turn-on, from perfectly formed large breasts to vaginal lips ready to part and take every inch you've got. Your Bree Big Tit Stroker is also contoured for a better grip as the beaded two pattern stimulation inner channel helps you pull out one knee-buckling orgasm after another.

Free lube comes with your Bree's Big Tit Stroker Kit so you can get started the moment it arrives.

Clean-up's a breeze, just run warm tap water with some mild soap and gently hold stroker open and flush it out. Pat dry, then let it air dry completely before storing.

We recommend the Bree's Big Tit Stroker Kit to men who start to get hard at the mere thought of a well-endowed buxotic babe like Bree.




This Doggy-Lovin’ Dame is always ready to Shag!

Sink your love sword deep into Sally’s tight muff and bum! This spankable 11.5 inch wide masturbator’s signature SexFlesh™ skin feels just like the real thing for doggy banging anytime. Slide through Sally’s smooth vaginal lips and thrust your way to ecstasy in her nubby love cave or bang her puckered bottom. The flat base allows you to lay her down for an intense fucking sensation.

• Shag’in Sally Masturbator
• Doggy style pleasure
• Made with realistic SexFlesh™
• Detailed vaginal and anal openings
• Real touch spankable booty
• 11.5 inches wide x 9.25 inches deep
• Flat base for stable thrusting
• Open end for easy cleaning
• Can be used with a vibrating bullet (sold separately)

Fancy a shag?

Meet the girl that always does! The Shag’in Sally Masturbator is ready and willing whenever you are for wild doggy style adventures. Her realistic SexFlesh™ material feels just like the real thing for amazingly lifelike fantasies. Set this masturbator at the edge of a table or on your bed, grab her pert bum, and thrust in for intense stroking that feels so great.

Before you start, introduce the Shag’in Sally Masturbator to your favorite water-based lube. Just a little gets her realistic skin all wet and slick. Then slide your hard cock into her tight love tunnel or booty! This sexy masturbator loves doggy style both ways. Slide inside either tight entry and you’ll feel her nubby love tunnel snugly stroke your shaft until you explode!

This masturbator’s open-ended hole can be covered with a finger to add the feeling of natural suction. You can also insert a vibrating bullet (sold separately) to add orgasmic vibrations to your stroker experience.

Shag’in Sally’s material feels substantial, but this masturbator remains sized for storage and travel, giving you more pleasure options.


The Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump is ready to take everything you've got and make it bigger! Gain size and confidence! Put some Water-based lube on the rubber seal for a perfect vacuum and watch it GROW.

• See-thru 8" x 2" acrylic chamber
• Flexible non-crimp hose
• Quick release valve
• Medical grade squeeze pump ball

Penis vacuum pumps are used to create a vacuum around the penis, encouraging an erection by increasing blood flow into the penis. If already erect, a penis pump can make your erection harder and bigger.

The Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump is perfect to make your wood grow tall, thick and hard!

To help your penis slide past the soft jelly seal, use some water based sex lube. The sex lube will also help make a tighter vacuum seal possible on your Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump. You can shop here at for sex lube or order it from the colorful Adam & Eve paper catalog, convenient for off-line shopping.

Once you've created a vacuum, enjoy the feeling of your massive erection. After 10 minutes it is advisable to reduce pressure by pressing the release button attached to Max Results Pump chamber. You can re-pump your erection, just avoid having it at full pressure for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Clean-up is easy. Just wash the Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump's tube out with soapy warm water. Pat dry with a soft towel. You can also use Adam & Eve Toy Cleaner for that like-new sex toy look.

The Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump is great as a solo masturbator, or use it with a cock ring. Some men like to stimulate their prostate anally with a butt plug, prostate stimulator or anal vibrator. Of course couples can get into the act and make the Adam & Eve Beginner's Power Pump part of their sex toy foreplay adventures.

Product Details

Material: Plastic
Length: 8.0 inches
Brand: Pipedream
Width: 2.00 inches
Gender: Male


Enhance, Maintain & Sustain A Massive Erection!

  • 7 1/2" clear pressure cylinder
  • E-Z squeeze bulb with release valve
  • All-Star Enhancer Ring™
  • 3" super-stretchy masturbator sleeve
  • Powerful multi-speed bullet vibrator


Grow your wood fast with Sta-Hard® Erector Set's proven penis pump method –– slide penis into the 7 1/2" tall, 2 1/4" wide cylinder and squeeze the pump bulb! As air leaves chamber, blood rushes into your member for a huge erection! Soft, comfortable jelly donut at base forms a tight seal. All-Star Enhancer Ring™ keeps it hard and the soft, stretchy ribbed masturbator lets you enjoy your boner as long as you want! Add vibrations with a bullet vibrator (2 AA batteries, sold separately).

Why a penis pump?

  • Regular use helps increase the girth and length of your penis
  • Clear plastic sleeve to watch your penis grow
  • Rubber sleeve for tighter fit and less air loss
  • Release valve for easy removal

Long the subject of jokes and rumors, penis pumps are a great way to help increase the girth and even the length of your penis! All it takes is a regular and steady penis pump regimen to help your erection grow!

Just slide your dick inside the clear plastic tube. The rubber membrane at the penis pump's entrance helps create an air-tight seal to give you a tighter fit and better results. Hold the tub firmly in place with one hand, and squeeze the bulb with the other. This creates a vacuum in the tube, pulling blood directly to your shaft giving you a plumper and larger erection that will leave your partner moaning!

Many pumpers use a cock ring after each pumping session to better maintain the increased size of your penis and make the most of your handiwork. You get an All Star Enhancer Ring™ with your Sta-Hard® Erector Set.

The Sta-Hard® Erector Set's penis pump features a clear plastic tube, letting you watch firsthand as your penis grows bigger and bigger. A release button is located on the pumping bulb for a quick and easy way to break the seal.

Once hard, slip your erection into the soft, stretchy masturbator sleeve and get off with an orgasm. Add water based sex lube for the ultimate stroker experience. Get some sex lube here at or from the pages of the Adam & Eve catalog.

Use the powerful vibrating multi-speed bullet at the other end of the sleeve for more stimulation.

The Sta-Hard® Erector Set's penis pump measures 7 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches across at its widest point, allowing it to easily accommodate a wide range of penis sizes. The penis pump tunnel is made of hard plastic for a firm, solid seal. The sleeve around the opening as well as the pump bulb are made from rubber for enhanced durability.

The Sta-Hard® Erector Set is compatible with water-based sex lubes. After using the penis pump, wash it thoroughly in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. Once the male sex toy dries, you can store in a cool, dark place with the rest of your adult toy collection.



Use This Kit On Your Tool For Ultimate Erections!

A Silicone Value!

Wrap this super-stretchy 100% silicone cage around your cock and balls for erection-enhancing support and wild textured sensations for both of you! Add any or all 3 cock rings for stronger wood that stays harder, longer while delaying ejaculation! 5" long cage + 1.5", 1.75", 2" rings. FREE toy cleaner and lube included!
• Experiment with different rings for variety of experiences
• Cock cage turns erection into textured love machine
• Easy to use
• Hygienic 100% silicone
• Stretches to fit most
• Free toy cleaner sample
• Free lube sample
• Travels easy
• Makes a great gift

Each stretchy ring fits around base of cock, delaying ejaculation and enhancing erection.
The cockcage wraps penis and under balls for a wild sensation. Each thrust sends thrilling stimulation to both you and your partner.
For ease of use, slip on cock ring first, then slip on the cockcage.

 We recommends the Silicone Cockcage & Ring Set for men and couples who want to enhance their love making during intercourse.


Caress Sasha's tender heart-shaped pubes and explore her love passages anytime you like!

• Sasha's ass is even tighter!
• Add multi-speed bullet vibrator for ecstatic orgasms!
• Open ended
• There's plenty to hold on to thrust away!

Made from UR3® Ultra Realistic material, this cast-from-life male masturbator is soft to the touch and feels hefty in your hands, providing a snug and comfortable fit around your erect penis. The Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Pussy & Ass easily stretches to help accommodate any sized man without getting loose. And the textured chambers inside feel like a hot porn star's pussy or ass ready to fuck let your imagination run wild!

Slather on some water-based sex lube for the best orgasmic experience. This UR3® Ultra Realistic material masturbator sex toy feels just like the real thing. UR3® Ultra Realistic was developed to warm up to your body temperature, be completely flexible and pliable like real flesh. It feels so good.

After you’re finished using your UR3® Ultra Realistic, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. The Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Pussy & Ass open-ended masturbator design lets you hold it up to the faucet to flush the sex toy completely clean. After letting her dry, store it in a cool, dark place apart from your other adult sex toys.

Now, About That Bullet Vibrator...
At 1” long, this little vibrator features new micro-technology that delivers POWERFUL multi-speed vibrations. With a turn of switch on the one-handed controller, you can set the speed from low to wow!

To change batteries, the see-through case slides open so you can place 2 AA batteries, flat side against the springs.

The Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Pussy & Ass is a great solo sex toy for men. It goes beyond simple masturbation. So much so, some couples will enjoy the variety Sasha Grey's Deep Penetration Pussy & Ass adds to foreplay and how it makes him come like a porn star.


Give her double the fun!

Vibrating Double-Penetration with just for the two of you!

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring is an awesome way to enjoy three-way DP fun with just for the two of you! Slide this vibrating ring on and insert the 5.25" long, 1.25 wide pose-able vibrating shaft into her curious backside! Or slide your penis up her butt and feed the shaft into her vagina. The vibrating ring will keep you harder for longer and it's waterproof. You get two bullet vibrators with free batteries. Remember to use water-based lube!

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring's built-in vertebrae hold the shape you want, from a slight curve to an exaggerated crook, it will keep its form till you both cum. Remember to use plenty of water based sex lube for any anal sex toy.

The penis ring will keep you harder for longer. Try the Double Penetrator Ultimate Ring first without using the bullet vibrators. Then introduce them one at a time as part of foreplay. It's like several sex toys in one.

The upper bullet vibrator will stimulate her clit with amazing accuracy, while turning your erection into a vibrating love wand.

The lower bullet vibrator runs against the base of the penetrator as a vibrating anal stimulator. It will also buzz your balls and that's a good thing!

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring is waterproof, simply wash it with warm water and a mild soap. Rinse well, pat dry. Do not store this item until you're sure it's totally dry.

Each of the 2 bullet vibrators is waterproof also. Clean those the same way.

Your first set of batteries is included with your Double Penetrator Ultimate Ring. Unscrew the base of each one to change them and stack them inside, flat side up.

The Double Penetrator Ultimate Penis Ring is a great couples toy. If you've ever seen double penetration in an adult movie and wanted to try it without a third partner, this is the sex toy for you.




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