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From sensitizing creams to erotic massage oils, we provide options to please everyone. Lubricant is ideal for any kind of sex, especially anal, in addition to use with your favorite vibrators. Be sure to choose the right kind of lube for the material of your toy for the best experience.

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Tickle Her Pink Clitoral Pleasure Gel
A happy clit leaves everyone smiling! Apply a small dab of the Tickle Her Pink clitoral pleasure gel to your clit for almost-instant stimulation. The…
Stay Hard Lubricant
Stay Hard Lubricant Get it ALL in ONE water-based lube! Sustain your erection for lasting pleasure AND lubricate sensitive areas for even better sex. This…
Flavored Lubricants (Adam & Eve)
Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricants Choose Your Favorite Fruit Flavor Now! Cherry! Strawberry! Watermelon! For lip-smacking fellatio and tasty cunnilingus, go down with good taste!…

Adam & Eve - Get kinky with our new bondage collection.