Look Edgy & Sexy In Nipple Jewelry

Nipple jewelry is the hottest, sexiest fashion trend in the bedroom. Blend that with the edgy fetish look and you've just got to have these trendy nipple clamps. They're the perfect accessory to set a truly erotic mood.

Imagine sensual feathers dangling from your nipples, teasing and titillating you – and your lover! – with every motion. He won't be able to take his eyes off you. The dramatic black feathers are 3 full inches long, and light enough to catch the most subtle breeze to set them dancing. They're made of two types of feathers: long, full black fluffs and shorter black and white spotted accent feathers.

The feathers hang from 2 inch clamps that can be as tight or as loose as you like, thanks to adjustable screws on each clamp that adjust to a half-inch wide. Just tighten or loosen the screws until you achieve the perfect, sexy feeling. Soft rubber tips on each clamp assure comfort and staying power while still giving you that on-the-edge fetishy look.

Draw all his attention to your beautiful breasts, adorned with these perky pieces of nipple jewelry. It's a great start to all-night fetish fantasy sex play for the both of you!





Gentle Butterflies clamps Adorn and Stimulate Breasts!

Enjoy subtle nipple stimulation with every move you make while putting on your own show of breastacular eye candy!

Each adjustable clamp is coated in soft rubber for maximum nipple comfort and thrills! Lightweight metal butterflies are 1 3/4" x 2 1/2".

Your Fetish Fantasy Butterfly Nipple Clamps give you a sweet, kinky look while teasing and stimulating your nipples at the same time.

• Fetish Fantasy Butterfly Nipple Clamps
• One pair of light metal butterflies
• Each clamp is coated in soft rubbery PVC
• Clamps adjust with a simple screw and spring mechanism
• Easy, instant fetish look at a great price
• Looks great with certain breast-baring outfits and lingerie, too
• Makes a great gift

Imagine the reaction you'll get when these sweet, gentle butterflies float and dangle at the tip of each breast!



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